Privacy Policy

Our site never sell any type of goods through online. Our main motto is that we will provide good service to peoples

through our website. Lots of peoples are finding Android apps through online but they are not getting proper apps, so we created
to provide best apps to peoples. We are also collecting data from our users or site visitors for future developments and promotional purpose.
Sometimes we may ask your email id, name, address, or contact details for interact to you. We guarantee that we never sell your personal data or any personal details
to other third party client or site, this is our promise to save your data fully protective.

Note: – We are not collecting any data of below 18 years age.

Our cookies policy

Our site using cookies. First of all, you have to know what is cookies? The cookies are a type of stored browser data or session which tell us that how much time users are accessing our site and what activities users are doing on our site.
These cookies understand our user’s behaviors and track to our users. We may use some ad networks in future, where cookies fully need to show user based advertisements, and the cookies will fully tell to the advertiser that what is your interest on the internet.
We also not trade or sell the users cookies, this is only needed for tracking purpose and enhancing the users experience.

Our third party advertisement policy

We will use third party company advertisements according to their policy. They will serve their ads according to their own policy,
The third party ads will show their ads according to our user’s interaction or search activities, as collected by the cookies.
They may sell something or promote something as per their variant advertisements and they may ask you your information like email ids, name etc which we will not handle, that will handle by the advertiser.

Our Website links policy

If there will any need in future to link some third party site then We may use some third party links. We will not handle those sites policy or terms and conditions this is our user’s responsibility to read them.
If you feeling any problem from those third party sites then you may complain or give feedback us through our contact us form.

Other policies

For using our site user must agree with our policy and User have to read our policy if a user doesn’t agree with our policy then may leave our site.
We have all right to change our policy at any time, if we are changing our policy then we will notify to our users by giving the time and date stamp on our privacy policy section.
(Recently updated – 7.00 PM 7/6/2017).If you need any changes or suggestion Be free to ask us your doubts and query by filling our contact us form.