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Movie Pal Apk Download For Android: On the Android platform, there are a lot of applications available for watch cinemas. YouTube is the main application for online surfing the videos or movies. We can say to YouTube it is like a social media. But in all applications, only one user can watch movies or videos from online. Here we bought a new application which gives an interface to watch all members of a group can watch online at a time, “Movie pal apk“. It is a new application published only in Google play store. This application has been crossed 5,000 downloads from play store. Movie Pal apk has overview rating of “4”. Isn’t it a cool app? In a short period of time, and in 5,000 installs and it has the 4-star rating from the overview on play store.

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Movie Pal Apk Download

It is a simple and cool application for watch movies in a group. Here you don’t need to doubt as “how to use?” and “how can I know other members would see that movie which one I didn’t saw yet“. So in this application, this is not a problem at an all because here many options available which will show you as per your planning for watch movies and events in the group.

In Movie pal apk, on the home, you can get three buttons on the top of the screen as; Find a movie, Invite friends for a movie, and Join the group. Simply you can watch movies or events in this application alone or invite your friends for a movie which one you have chosen for watch together or you need to join a group where you can watch a movie as the group demands for watch movie all of the group members together. Then you can see more other options too in the main screen as popular and upcoming. After clicking on the find a movie; you can get options for Movie group than an option available for seen nobody in the group, and then year option means from the starting year to tell as you need years movie. After these end, there is also an option available for choose genres of movies or videos. Then select on performance search button and it will show as your search related to the result of the search. In the result, it will show some movies which are as per your search and recommend you to make the mark as seen or to select for watch now. There is a wishlist option available for Mark to see that later or to mark as search history.

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Movie Pal Apk Download For Android

In movie pal apk, it shows all movies released years and IMDB rating included in the views of a user. In the invite friends for a movie, it works as an event. In the event, you need to make planning for date and time to create. It will ask you for a date as (MM/DD/YYYY) and in time (HH: MM AM/PM). After making the event set time and date you have to give a location for the invite and some additional note on that place for inviting them. After make time, date, and location, it will ask you for choose genre and some descriptions about on the event then all set for invite your friends by using movie pal apk. It happens only in “Movie Pal Apk” before we know this work only happens in social applications but using this application we can make the events with friends and make more fun. Isn’t it wonderful? Rather than a social site this movie apk work these works with a group or with your friends. There is another button available for “Join a group”, here you need to enter the group code for the join. In the join, a group needs a code for join with your friend’s group or a group only where you can watch movies or events together. Where can you get the code to join a group? From your friends whoever makes the group and they can give you their group code to make you a member or others friends of their group and watch together.

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How to use Movie Pal Apk:

  1. Install it from Google play store
  2. Open it
  3. Invite friends for group
  4. Add all friends in group
  5. Search movie which nobody watched before on group
  6. Make group or event and watch together

The Features of Movie pal Apk:

  1. Watchlist
  2. Movie seen
  3. Movie groups

In Movie Pal Apk, a user has to log in with their either in Google account or in Facebook account for getting access to all features of this app. This application is integrated with site. Trakt is a platform where many things available related to TV shows and Movies. It is integrated with media center or home theater PC to watch. It is also available for mobile users too. Trakt is free to use its applications, for some paid servers you need to upgrade your account to VIP for getting the paid servers features like no ads, ical feeds, advanced filtering, list cloning, and widgets. It has partnered with various servers like Amazon, YouTube, Fandango now, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play Store, play station store, CinemaNow, Verizon, Netflix, Hulu, the Simpsons, CBS all access, Crunchyroll, HBO now. These servers can give you the movies and Live TV shows to watch live or after broadcast shows. And these servers have their some subscription charges and after paying their charges you can watch and enjoy for as the cost you have pay for the event. It is available in iOS, windows, Google play store. You can share from trakt whatever you watching and rating to your Facebook and Twitter account. Also, a calendar available for your TV show chart and you can make a chart for your daily TV shows and live streaming events. You can follow your friends and interested persons using it. Here you can set your watchlist so you can remember your selected shows. Using it you can track your media collections with your friends for the match with your lists to their lists. Also, a custom list can make by a user in it, so you can choose your any topic in your list. As the new movie comes and people give their rating for movie type, here you can get their ratings as IMDB top 250.
New shows and the new movie can suggest you for your view habits daily or as per your interest in the different event watch rating. Here you can buy movie tickets too. Using movie pal apk you can add your movies in watch list and mark as seen too. So this amazing application is most valuable for group movie watch as social media sharing. After knowing all the features of this application, what are you waiting for just download Movie pal apk and enjoy.?

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