Glasswire Apk Free Download for Android/iPhone

Glasswire Apk free download for Android, iPhone Full Apk Download process: Glasswire Apk or app is an awesome Android, iPhone and computer app or Glasswire for iPhone, Mac, which is mostly famous for its controlling system. Everyone knows that getting slow or hang issue is happening on all mobile devices and PC also. So for fix this problem Glasswire Apk or app can help you much more. Let’s see how it is working and what is the main and top features of this GlassWire free firewall network monitor software for PC, Mac, Windows 10 and also Glasswire Apk for Android smartphones.

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Glasswire Apk

Glasswire Apk

Glasswire Apk DownloadGlasswire apk download


Software key features:

1.It has a strong network monitor tracking system which can show you the present and past activity of your system up to before 30days. It can track your past and present network activities, application activities, Locational activity and much more things. It will show a detailed graph to you which will easy to understand and which will help you to fix your problem quickly.

2.This software can easily monitor your every threat of data and it finds them after that it will show you. Here you may also ask that what type of data is it monitoring? Here is the answer: It can handle the hosts, unusual application changes, DNS data change, Unexpected network system change, it will show you, how your applications are working and what your applications are doing? That’s why you can easily understand all those errors and problems, so you can easily fix them within time and your system never gets any problem.

Download GlassWire free firewall

Download GlassWire free firewall network monitor

3.Glasswire for Mac is also working on Mac and tablets. Due to the strong firewall system, it can easily show you what is you mobile and Mac are doing in the background and you can easily close or fix them for speed up your Mobile, tabs, and computers.

4.Any system change gets notified: If there is any new application or service has installed for the first time then it will suddenly alert you to detailed information, and also if there is any unusual activities are happening then it will tell you to block them.

5.Suppose your mobile is not with you, don’t worry for that glasswire will help you to protect your all data and it will show you what type of activity did or what activities were doing on your mobile in the past. If you are using PC it can also help you with much more features.
it will help you to notice what type of activity did in the past like who logged in or logged our from your computer with an exactly detailed graph.

6.If you are using remote server monitoring for your website, games or such applications then never need for other software. Glasswire will protect you in this case also, it will notice you are all server network activity and also it will notice you those activities. You can able to see the proper or exact bandwidth of your hosting server and this software will help you to stay under your hosting providers limit.

7.)Glasswire Apk or App also monitoring your internet and its bandwidth. It will help you to stay under a value of limit and it will also notice you internet overages. Glasswire Apk or app also tell which applications are taking how much data from the internet.

8.Glasswire App will help you fully to protect your privacy. It will show all information to you but not every person. It is storing all internet data of your data uses and you can easily protect them and delete them at any time or any moment.

9.Glasswire Apk or  App has external internet security for your computer or server. This software can help like a network security protector. It is able to detect the system file change, application information change detection, ARP spoofing monitoring and also tell you by alerting if your PC is connecting any other device IP, domain, and threat.
It is a mix and really easy to use firewall management system with network monitor rule.

Glasswire Apk for Android

1. Glasswire Apk for Android can easily track your mobile activities like wifi data, internet data and carrier data activity.

2. This android application quickly knows every activity at every time. Glasswire Apk or App has strong protection and tracking system for Android mobile system.

3.Glasswire Apk Free Download for Android is strongly tracking mobile devices that which app accessing your network and which apps are consuming your data that’s why user can easily understand all activities of the other Android applications.

4. Glasswire Apk or App is also called a time machine. “Time machine” This word tell you something about time and you may think this may be related to time. The answer is yes this is completely related time, glasswire Apk, glasswire app
tells you your past day’s data and their uses graph which will really help full for all the users and its a really awesome feature for mobile.

5. As I told you glasswire is working PC with top features similarly it’s also working on mobiles with good features but some missing elements are there on glasswire Apk as compare to PC because it provides antivirus system for PC
and its taking subscription fee for PC. In my point of view, Glasswire Apk for Android is really good one because generally nowadays all Android devices are the strong protected operating systems it’s working on the Linux-based
an operating system so it is not required antivirus as like PC. So there is no need antivirus for PC its ok for android mobiles for monitoring the data of mobile devices. I am also using glasswire Apk on my android mobile and its working really well.

I am able to control the wifi uses and the data packs, there is also some features like a graph, usage, data plan, alerts and its complete setting, and it will show you which app is using how much data that is the main key feature.
You can also set your own scheduled data plan which will stay with a limit, if you complete your daily limit or if your daily limit end then you will not able to use your excess data pack it’s an awesome feature to save your data pack and as well as your money.

What are the new Glasswire apk features?

>>You can choose your zero-rated Android apps for not count against your data plan that is why your mobile data service provider does not count those applications against your data plan.
>>Improved the mobile phone data pack uses to count.
>>In past there were some battery usage problems, but now it fixed just go to the glasswire Apk or app and go to setting then choose to slow your update interval to solve the battery problem. Note this option is not needed for latest smartphones.

Recently updated:



May 29, 2017

 Current version:


Mobile version:

Android 4.4 Kitkat and above


10,000 – 500,00


App Permissions

>>It will use your phone status and identity
>>Read device id and call information
>>View Network connections and it runs at startup

Get it on:



4.4 and above


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